Landschap in perspectief Landscape in perspective


Life in the Woods. Routes through the Mythical Landscape.

28 September 2013

In the framework of the project Life in the Woods Marres Projects and TAAK have invited three artists to develop a route on the theme of the mythical Limburg landscape and all its manifestations. Frank Koolen, Delphine Bedel and Ruchama Noorda each gave their own interpretation to the assignment. The result of their work can be discovered on the weekends in the month October. 

The first route will take place on Sunday 6 October (12 -14 hrs): 'Time Travel Tour' by Frank Koolen. Starting point is Marres, Capucijnenstraat 98.


Route (in English) Delphine Bedel: l'Invention du monde

l’Invention du Monde is the title of Delphine Bedel’s bus tour. The marlstone quarries below South Limburg conceals 300 kilometres of underground passages that even cross national borders. It is remarkable that there are some places where a systematic ‘Weltanschauung’ (philosophy of life) has taken on material form. Robert Garcet (artist, philosopher, paleontologist and geologist) used his collections in his self-built artistic tower above the Eben-Emael caves to explain his personal theory of how linking various philosophical and theological ideas could lead to world peace. He could not suspect that at the same time the NATO headquarters and command centre was being built in absolute secrecy in the limestone hills around Kanne, only a few kilometres away. Also nearby, in the Caves of Kanne, a group of Jesuit scholars and theological students worked on a peculiar, encyclopaedic subterranean complex. This site houses replicas of structures from ancient cultures, ranging from the Assyrians to the Alhambra, to advance our understanding of people and the world.


During the tour several speakers will comment on the relation between the locations and the landscape. One of them is Marco Pasi, Associate Professor in the History of Hermetic philosophy and related currents at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). He has written extensively on the history of modern Western esotericism, especially in relation to magic, art, and politics. He is the author of Aleister Crowley e la tentazione della politica (1999), translated into several languages. He has edited Peintures inconnues d’Aleister Crowley: La collection de Palerme (2008), and co-edited Kabbalah and Modernity: Interpretations, Transformations, Adaptations (2010). Please note: Marco Pasi will only be there on 19 October.


Saturday 19.10.2013 and Saturday 26.10.2013
Note: there is a limited number of seats available on this tour! 

11:30: departure from Maastricht Central Station (the bus will be waiting at the back side -east side- of the station, when you cross the pedestrian bridge over the rails to the left on the small parkinglot along the Meerssenerweg)

12:00: visit Jezuitenberg

13:45: lunch in Kanne (BE)

15:00: visit Tower by Robert Garcet

16:15: visit former NATO-command centre

18:00: back at Marres for drinks

Important: During the tour we visit a few underground locations with a temperature below the 10 degrees and with high humidity. Please wear good shoes and warm clothes!

Price: 15,00€ including coffee, lunch and drinks. Registration is final when the payment is received.

Language: English

Participation is only possible after registration via

Please send the name of all participants. When the tour is fully booked we will mention this on en