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Piquenique Electronique

8 June 2013

United World College in the Sphinxpark

25 September 2012
Image by Hans Engelbrecht

Starting October 2012 a group of students from the United World College in Maastricht will be working on a project in the Sphinxpark. Together with designer Debra Solomon and her studio Urbaniahoeve they shall work on a project around urban agriculture in the Sphinxpark.

Sphinxpark by Tineke Kambier

20 September 2012
Image by Tineke Kambier

From the early days of the Sphinpark photographer Tineke Kambier has been visiting the park on an almost regular basis. The pictures she takes form an extensive and detailed visual document of the Sphinxpark.

Have a look at the photos here.

Safari through the Sphinxpark

19 September 2012

Wednesday September 19 a group of children looked, together with the IVN Maastricht, through the eyes of animals at the Sphinxpark during their City nature safari. 

You can find a photo report here.

Piquenique Électronique: Encore Une Fois

16 September 2012
Image by Piquenique Electronique

The third and last edition of Piquenique Electronique in the Sphinxpark was yet another great succes. In the autumn sun around 500 people enjoyed jamsessions, dj's and their picknick.

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New pavilion voor het Sphinxpark

9 September 2012
Image by Andries Hoogenraad

Even after it burned down the wooden Maurer-pavilion that formerly stood in the Sphinxpark still kept some of it's beauty. Unfortunately nothing is left of it. Maurer United Architects and Studio Stad, both architects involved in the Sphinxpark project will bow their heads over a new (flame resistant) pavilion for the park. 

Breaking grounds: Lost Formwork

7 September 2012
Image by Studio Stad

Friday September 7 the first pole was placed for the work of Studio Stad; a new project in the Sphinxpark. In their work 'Lost Formwork' Studio Stad makes the history and the future of the Sphinpark terrain visible. 

Late summer in the Sphinxpark

3 September 2012
Image by Dirk Bours


The last days of August the Sphinxpark was transformed into an open air cinema (in cooperation with Lumière Cinema). On August 30 the documentary Queen of the Sun was shown, with an introduction by the Bee Collective. On September 1st the movie Microcosmos played, with as a supporting programme, a classical concert from Polish-Italian string orchestra Il Giardino d'Amore.

You'll find more images here.




26 march 2012 - 1 july, 2013

A temporary park in the inner city of Maastricht

On the site of the former ceramics factories of the Royal Sphinx, REcentre, platform for sustainable design in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, NAiM/Bureau Europa and Marres Projects are developing the so-called Sphinxpark in collaboration with the Municipality of Maastricht, the Province of Limburg and Area Development Group Belvédère. Until July 1st, 2013, this fully enclosed and wild terrain in the heart of Maastricht will be transformed into a temporary park through various projects.

The Sphinxpark is a park where the future development of the city and the landscape is already taking shape. Examples are the need for urban agriculture, the effects of population decline and the debate surrounding the redevelopment of this specific area. The contributions of the inhabitants of Maastricht form an essential part of this public project.

In this temporary park for Maastricht and the Euregion, the building blocks are developed that contribute to the park of the future.

Hans Engelbrecht (De Groene Stap) developed a ground plan for the park on the basis of the present vegetation. Within this ground plan, a continuous programme will be developed during the period that the Sphinxpark is open to the public. Several projects are developed in collaboration with local and Euregional partners. Some of the projects have already been realized, others will become visible in the Sphinxpark over the course of the coming year. In addition to that in summer an activity programme is organized with activities such a as pick nicks, theatre performances and movie nights.

The area has a diverse character and there are only a few paved paths, so appropriate shoes are recommended. The site has no facilities for the disabled yet.

The Sphinxpark is a project by REcentre, platform for sustainable design in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, NAiM/Bureau Europa and Marres Projects, and is part of the project Landscape in Perspective.

The Sphinxpark is realized thanks to the generous support of Stichting DOEN, Stichting Elisabeth Strouven, the Municipality of Maastricht, the Province of Limburg and Area Development Group Belvédère.

The Sphinxpark supports the candidacy of Maastricht & Euregion Cultural Capital of Europe 2018.

Image by Peter Visser
Image by Peter Visser
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