Landschap in perspectief Landscape in perspective


Kick-off project Imaged Stories at WinselerHof

7 August 2013
Moniek Wegdam

On 11 July, the kick-off took place of cultural project Imaged Stories, a collaboration between Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & -Restaurants, Marres Projects and Bureau Europa. This project focuses on the history of the WinselerHof farmstead in Landgraaf. In the month of August, artists and designers create art interventions that specifically refer to the place and that fit in with the existing cultural heritage (and landscape values). The four artists, Kim Bouvy, Hans Engelbrecht, Chris Kabel and Astrid Mingels, will realize their plans at WinselerHof during a work week at the beginning of August. In the week of 12 August, the results will be presented during a cultural tour, organized by Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & -Restaurants.

On Sunday 11 August, prior to the actual cultural tour, interested parties can visit the artists from 12:00 to 17:00 as they put the finishing touches to their work in WinselerHof.



Internship with project WinselerHof

28 June 2013

From September through November 2013, Marres Projects and Bureau Europa offer a (research) internship for three bachelor or master students. 

Marres Projects, Bureau Europa and Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels &-Restaurants have teamed up to form a cultural research partnership. This project is called ‘Imaged Stories’ and focuses primarily on the history of the WinselerHof estate in Landgraaf, a 16th century farmstead that has been completely restored and furnished as a hotel and restaurant by Camille Oostwegel since 1985.

The history of this place will be analyzed with the help of student research. The results of this research phase will be point of departure for a group of artists, designers, philosophers, and historians, who will work with the history and the landscape values of the building and the surrounding area.

We are looking for students with an interest in historic research and affinity with the subject of cultural heritage and the region.  

Your letter of motivation and curriculum vitae can be sent to Pieternel Fleskens until 1 August 2013. 


The surroundings of Kerkrade/Landgraaf have a rich history. Since Roman times this region has been a border area. The region is characterized by the different historical developments and the traces they have left. This has influenced the way language has developed, cultural practices, and the formation of the landscape. The effects of industrial and cultural exchanges are still visible but they are not readable to everyone. For example, there is a relatively large amount of Italian restaurants in this region. The Italian owners are often children of former migrants who came to work in the mines. The many ways in which history manifests itself can also be seen in the monuments and buildings. Many old farmsteads can be found in the Kerkrade/Landgraaf area and WinselerHof is one of the oldest. 

In the 1980s Camille Oostwegel took over WinselerHof from the Landgraaf local authority. The farmhouse was restored and converted into a hotel and restaurant. In 2013 Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & Restaurants purchased and brought back to life five hectares of ancient croplands, traditional tall trunked fruit trees, flower and herb gardens, and a vineyard with 500 Müller-Thurgau plants. 

Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & Restaurants attaches particular importance to historicity and recognizes the value of cultural heritage. To realise the ambition of depicting stories from this region and connecting them to a productive future, a link was sought with the contemporary cultural institutions Marres Projects and Bureau Europa. An assignment has been jointly formulated to examine how the cultural layers of the WinselerHof and the region can be documented and presented. 

From their shared expertise in spatial planning, architecture, landscape, and contemporary art and design Marres Projects and Bureau Europa investigate ways to unlock and represent the interesting yet fragmented history of the place. As such, a project is being developed that starts small and grows as it is elaborated upon.