Landschap in perspectief Landscape in perspective


Kick-off project Imaged Stories at WinselerHof

7 August 2013
Moniek Wegdam

On 11 July, the kick-off took place of cultural project Imaged Stories, a collaboration between Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & -Restaurants, Marres Projects and Bureau Europa. This project focuses on the history of the WinselerHof farmstead in Landgraaf. In the month of August, artists and designers create art interventions that specifically refer to the place and that fit in with the existing cultural heritage (and landscape values). The four artists, Kim Bouvy, Hans Engelbrecht, Chris Kabel and Astrid Mingels, will realize their plans at WinselerHof during a work week at the beginning of August. In the week of 12 August, the results will be presented during a cultural tour, organized by Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & -Restaurants.

On Sunday 11 August, prior to the actual cultural tour, interested parties can visit the artists from 12:00 to 17:00 as they put the finishing touches to their work in WinselerHof.



Internship with project WinselerHof

28 June 2013

From September through November 2013, Marres Projects and Bureau Europa offer a (research) internship for three bachelor or master students. 

Marres Projects, Bureau Europa and Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels &-Restaurants have teamed up to form a cultural research partnership. This project is called ‘Imaged Stories’ and focuses primarily on the history of the WinselerHof estate in Landgraaf, a 16th century farmstead that has been completely restored and furnished as a hotel and restaurant by Camille Oostwegel since 1985.

The history of this place will be analyzed with the help of student research. The results of this research phase will be point of departure for a group of artists, designers, philosophers, and historians, who will work with the history and the landscape values of the building and the surrounding area.

We are looking for students with an interest in historic research and affinity with the subject of cultural heritage and the region.  

Your letter of motivation and curriculum vitae can be sent to Pieternel Fleskens until 1 August 2013. 

Project description

In August 2013 artistic interventions begun on the WinselerHof site. These had a specific reference to the place and materialise knowledge in keeping with the existing cultural (and landscape) heritage. Bureau Europa and Marres Projects approached designers and artists to work together with philosophers and historians on the design. The realised plans were presented during a culture tour organised by Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & Restaurants in the week beginning 12 August 2013. This was a prelude to the second part of the project.

In September 2013 research will begin in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht University. By connecting to a research institute, the narrative and the factual history of WinselerHof and the region is mapped in diverse ways. In this research phase, the students’ studies will include the history of the monument, the owner and users, the surroundings (and its fragmented planning), nature and landscape values, the stories of the agricultural past, and the region’s mining history. 

This phase is essential because it lays the foundations for future plans. The analysis of the research provides the basis for the further intertwining of various local, regional, and Euregional partners.

In the next phase, the research results will be translated into a concrete project that is bigger and more ambitious. From the research results the project partners will select some interesting elements for (art) projects to be presented on the WinselerHof grounds. These projects take on a wide cultural perspective and a broad interpretation: art, landscape architecture, but also music or theatre.

In the final phase, plans will be realised in WinselerHof and the wider area. The designers/artists will take inspiration from the locality. As such, visitors will have an opportunity to learn about the rich history of the area in alternative ways through art projects, walking routes or soundscapes. The project’s rich cultural heritage is made tangible, audible and/or visible. After the profound transition from black to green in the 80s – the restructuring and reorientation of nature – recreation and cultural infrastructure can now form the basis for how the area is perceived. 

The ‘Imaged Stories’ project is a collaboration demonstrating how cultural institutions and an engaged business community can arrive at a mutual agenda, determine common values, and thus create new relationships.

 ‘Imaged Stories’ is a project from the Landscape in Perspective programme, an initiative of Marres Projects in collaboration with Bureau Europa/platform architecture, and the Province of Limburg.